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Kafe Joglo Gresik Brings Back the Old Time Concept The cashiers at Kafe Joglo are welcoming the customers. (PHOTO: Akmal/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBATU, GRESIK – When you are visiting Gresik in East Java, make sure you do not miss the chance of going to Kafe Joglo Gresik, which is located in Jalan Dukunanyar, Sembungankidul Village, Dukun sub-district. This café offers a different concept by bringing back the old time concept.

This café serves various culinary and provides the best place for the guests to feel nostalgic. Its location in the village area adds the ambience of the old time.

Inside the café, there is an array of antiques, such as lamps, antique telephones, wall clocks, cups, and plates. Moreover, the building itself is made of pure teak woods that becomes the main attraction.

 “I like to spend my time here, and I like to take some selfies with the Joglo house that may become extinct. In my opinion, this place can introduce a slice of history to the millennials, as well as to maintain the history itself,” said Muhammad Arkansyah, one of the visitors, on Sunday (19/1/2020).

Moreover, the visitors can enjoy a variety of foods and beverages with affordable prices. The place is beautiful and far from the crowds, which makes it comfortable for anyone who comes to Kafe Joglo.

 “We serve the foods on a mortar. Although we serve modern foods, such as Ayam Geprek (crushed fried chicken), Penyetan (crushed fried chicken mixed with hot and spicy sambal), and so on, we still serve the ambience of the old time,” said the owner of Kafe Joglo, Khosi’in, to TIMES Indonesia.  

According to Khosi’in, this concept becomes the magnet to attract visitors. Usually, other cafes have modern concept. However, this café has a collection of antiques.


Although this café has an old time concept, this café is always crowded with visitors from all walks of life because it has its own uniqueness.

 “The uniqueness of the café relies on the old time concept that makes the guests feel nostalgic. Besides, we also have a special platform for any discussion meetings,” he added.

Khosi’in began to get interested in culinary as he no longer served as the head of the village.

He hoped that his café can be the best and affordable choice for any families and millennials to hangout.

“Initially, I did not plan to open a café. However, my relative had an idea to open a café, and he provided some woods. That’s why we eventually built a café with an old time concept. I hope this café can be the best place for culinary tourism,” said Khosi’in. (*)

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